Lose Yourself with Ayahuasca Retreat!

The first thing that you will experience in the ayahuasca retreat is called in sync. This first step is making you feel so comfortable because you will be in sync with the harmony in the rhyme that they play. They will ask you to close your eyes for ten minutes and you will feel the first sensation of the healing process has begun.

The rhyme that they play is very soothing so it’s almost like traditional music from the ancient’s life. The chief from the tribe who led the ceremony of healing process will ask you to think about a very clear thought in your mind. In this point you can think about your dream in the future or your wish that you want in your life. They will make you feel lighter and then you will feel that your emotions will appear differently. The process will take about ten to twenty minutes until you will feel like you’re flying up above in the sky.

The leader of the ceremony will yell special quotes and then you must follow his directly. He will tell you powerful quotes that he believes that quote will help you feel much better than before in life. He will motivate you with super quotes in order to build your confidence and trust for enjoying this meditation.

Later, he will ask you some of specific questions such as “Who are you going to be?” and “Can you see the light in your mind?” Thus, you will answer his questions quickly and then he will ask you to follow the emotions that you feel inside your soul. You will be asked to be only focused on the rhyme and also the instruction from the leader who leads the ayahuasca healing meditation. The last thing that you have to do in order to complete the whole ayahuasca healing process is drinking the herbs that were given by the leader of the ceremony.