How To Repaint The Outside Wall Of Your House

Actually, how to repack the wall outside the house is not so complicated compared to the first. Because you only need the same color paint and coat the tips on the wall you want to repaint. But there are ways and tricks too so that the paint can stick perfectly and not easily peel or bubble. This method is also often done by artisans of wall painting and even many people have already tried it. To shorten the time, here are the steps you can follow!

Check Wall Surface

With an age that is quite old, of course, the paint will experience changes especially in the power of elasticity, faded colors, and even those that peel off. So the first thing you need to do is to pay attention to the paint changes on the wall, if it’s still good, you can immediately repaint.

Smooth the Wall Surface

Actually, these tips are still related to the first point that observed damage to wall paint. Because of age, sometimes bumps, dust, or other dirt that sticks to the wall. So clean it first (you can also sand it a little) and pay attention until the surface of the wall is completely flat and clean from dust.

Add Glue for Paint Mixes

Glue is one of the alternative materials that you can use to increase adhesion and make the paint shinier. Because generally wall paint uses water to regulate viscosity, so it’s good if you dissolve wood glue first and then mix it with paint. Simple, but you have to pay attention to the level of thickness. Don’t get too runny or too thick.

Application of Paint to the Wall

You can use a special brush so that the results obtained are better and save paint usage. Use an ordinary brush that is cheaper but results are smoother and faster. But you can also use a brush roll if the wall is not reached by your hand.

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