How To Take Care Of Exterior Walls To Not Easily Peel Off

If you want to have a charming home, then maintaining exterior wall paint is an obligation for the owner. Choosing exterior paint cannot be arbitrary, because it will affect the assessment of people towards the house. Exterior painting woodstock has received various consultations regarding the exterior paint of the house to make it look beautiful and show the character of the house owner read this.

In addition to choosing exterior paint, keeping the wall from peeling is also very important. The cause of the peeling wall is a wall that has not dried when painted, so the wall still contains alkaline salt at that time. Other causes are walls that have not been cleaned and still contain dust, dirt, oil, thus reducing the adhesive power of the paint. After finding out why the paint is easy to peel, you can now do wall paint treatment:

– Check for leaks
If the walls are moldy and peeling, the problem might come from rainwater seepage. Check windows, doors, roofs, and make sure there are no gaps. If you see a gap that allows water to enter, cover it with a mixture of waterproof silicone.

– Clean the wall
The right time to clean the wall is two weeks after the painting process is complete. At this time, the wall was completely dry, but still left some stains and dirt remaining. Regular cleaning will make the walls look cleaner. You should clean the walls once a month.

– Do not clean the wall with high pressure
Spraying high-pressure water is indeed the easiest way to clean stains. But this method will actually quickly damage the wall paint at home. This is because high-pressure water sprayed can go between the walls. In addition, hydrostatic pressure can also push the wall up.

– Perform routine checks
It’s also important to always check the wall for peeling even if it’s small. This peel can be a sign that there is a problem with your walls, such as a leak or damaged drainage. Don’t forget places that are always exposed to sunlight such as windows or door frames. Continuous sun exposure makes this part look dull compared to other parts of the wall. Therefore it is necessary to replace the paint layer every two years, to make it look brighter.

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