Learning English For Meeting New People

New people meeting: Whether you are learning English or traveling, of course you meet new people and interact with them. Traveling but not meeting new people? Aha, it could be just around your home complex. That’s not traveling by name. Traveling is when traveling or traveling to a place that you already know or have never been traced. Meanwhile, check out the recommended b1 test booking if you want to get the UK visa soon.

Let alone at the destination, when arranging the trip will meet many new people. For example, people at the immigration office when making passports or Ms. Mas who serve airline ticket purchases, and so on. There is no doubt, when you are traveling you will meet and interact with many new people. What about learning a foreign language?

When learning a new language, meet and interact with new people. “Ah, not really. I interact with my classmates. “That doesn’t mean I’m learning English. What? You are not deep in it. But, doing duty as a student is to take lessons at school.

What is the difference? Following lessons and learning is really different. If you take English lessons, you do what the teacher tells you to do, do assignments, read, write, etc. Everything is done because you are a student and to get good grades. While learning foreign languages is when the desire to increase knowledge and practice comes directly from yourself. You will really do it when you have a goal you want to achieve after being proficient. See the difference between the following lessons and learning because you have a purpose?

Well, when we are serious about learning English, we have to meet new people. From new people, we learn and absorb more things like accents, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, etc. In fact, the best way to be proficient is to get out and practice with new people. When was the last time the practice of speaking English with new people, Caucasians or foreign tourists?

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