Common Things People Consider When Renovating The Bathroom

Are you currently planning to renovate a bathroom? The bathroom is an important part of a house. Did you make the decision bathroom renovations choice that you will choose to implement in your renovation project? Here are some things that you need to consider to ensure that the result of your bathroom renovation will be as well as you expect.


It is highly recommended to put the bathroom downstairs. This is so that the plumbing business becomes simpler. However, if you really need a bathroom or toilet upstairs, make sure it is not a kitchen below.

Air circulation

A stuffy and smelly bathroom is a result of poor air circulation. Don’t forget to make sure there is a separate flow of air in and out so that the air in the bathroom is maintained. The problem is not a few people who build bathrooms under the stairs. The house is also in a very dense location so that there is no remaining open land to supply fresh air and remove the stuffy air.

If this is the situation you are facing, try to install a two-way exhaust fan. Install on the door frame or ceiling if on top is empty space. This fan will pull out the stuffy air. Change the direction of rotation for air supply.

Flat ceiling

In feng shui, the flat ceiling will make the circulation of positive energy in the bathroom more optimal. In addition, there should be no protruding ceiling so as not to disturb the flow.

Location of the closet

Toilet placement can be a dilemma problem, especially for those who live on narrow land, including flats and apartments that repair the toilet position is no easy matter. If you work with professional bathroom contractor who has years of experience, you will have the chance to get the advice. This means that there is nothing to worry about the closet placement or location.