Tips For Keeping And Cleaning Your Watches

The easiest way we can take care of a watch so that it is durable is to store it in a dry place with a normal temperature in the room. If you put a place that has a certain room temperature (air-conditioned room, a room that is exposed to direct light), then the temperature will automatically affect your watch. Keep your watch in a container, or a special watch box. You should keep your popular watch, like the bulova watch in a special watch box to make it safer.

Clean Watches with Wet Wipes

Clean your watch with a wet tissue, but not a tissue that is too wet or wet with water. because if you only use ordinary tissue, it will make a scratch on the glass of your watch. A good wet tissue that doesn’t make a scratch is wet tissue that is used to clean the baby’s skin. Let it dry without using a dry tissue or dryer (dryer), because the hot wind coming out will affect the components in your watch.

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