Types Of Golf Clubs That Must Be Known By Beginners

Of course, we know that in golf, the most important equipment we have is a golf club. This is a tool that will help us hit and put the ball into a hole in the golf course golf savers. When it is not a layman, golf clubs are also referred to as golf clubs and there are various types that need to be known. On the other hand, we’d like to recommend you to play at the finest bangkok golf course whenever you visit Thailand on your next vacation or business trip.

Irons – In a set of golf clubs, an irons set consists of numbers 5-9 where pitching is added. When the number is getting bigger, the shaft is shorter, but the result of the swing is farther away using the long shaft. In the set, number 7 iron is known to produce blows more than 120 meters away.

Woods – Usually it can also be called a driver where its use aims to get a long distance swing result. In general, there are 1-3 for this wood, but only 1 has no problem and just enough. The swing for wood 1 is known to be able to reach more than 200 meters.

Hybrids – It can also be said that hybrids are a blend of irons and woods. To produce long-range blows, hybrids can be relied on like woods. It’s just that indeed for hybrids its use can be outside of tee-boxes and woods only inside.

Putter – Golfers consider this putter as a striker when compared to the position of a soccer player. The task of this putter’s main function is as a put in the hole scorer in the green aka the penalty box. Because the shape and weight of the head on the putter are very diverse, then pay attention to the usage according to their respective goals.

Wedges – Actually, wedges also include irons, but wedges are more special because the head has a different tilt or loft. Loft that is on the wedges actually even more sloping than the irons. swing lob with wedges can be done at a short distance to direct the ball to the green. Sand Wedge is a multifunctional and more popular type of wedge.

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